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My name is Adrian Pourviseh

I am a development economist-turned sea rescue activist. In October 2023 my first graphic novel about my latest sea rescue mission in the central Mediterranean will be published.

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"Das Schimmern der See"

My first graphic novel describes 72 hours on board the rescue ship Sea-Watch 3 in the Mediterranean Sea. It showcases the gruesome reality at the European external border. 

Pre-order here & use the code "noborders" for me to sign your book :).

I started the newsletter to update my crowdfunding supporters & interested people about my work and upcoming reading events every month or two. 

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I have been holding talks and workshops about migration to Europe and the situation in the central Mediterranean Sea since 2019. With the launch of my book, I am happy to be invited to book-readings.

I recently started to hold workshops on creating powerful graphic novels & comics.

Workshops & seminars


Graphic recording

Since 2022 I also work as a graphic facilitator for live graphic recording.

In 2020, I created a motion comic based on the story of Fathima, a young woman from Burkina Faso who was among the survivors onboard the Sea-Watch 3 during the infamous sea rescue mission with captain Carola Rackete. Fathima tells the story of her journey toward Europe.

Motion comics


Photography & film

As a field media coordinator on board a sea rescue ship, I am capturing the horror and the beauty of the central Mediterranean Sea.

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